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Here at AAS we pride ourselves on being client focused, being self-employed ourselves we fully empathise with your requirements and needs.

We established our Investments & Consultancy arm, a wide range of properties were acquired including shops, restaurants, offices, flats and houses. Due to the success of the portfolio, we were soon acting in the capacity of consultants.

Once established, our CSR arm was developed, allowing us to reinvest in the community. Applying the business skills that had been nurtured, sustainable social enterprises were instigated benefiting many 1000's disadvantaged young people.

Through synergy we are able to apply skills acquired in one section to the others, ensuring that our services are practical and relevant.

Due to the wealth of experience gained over the years, we can assist with:

  • Planning
  • Building and renovation
  • Locating suitable properties
  • Obtaining all relevant certificates, such as EPC's
  • Advising on eco-friendly aspects

We have been very fortunate receiving several awards:

  • 'Social Enterprise of the Year' - Finalist for 5 years, presented for clear vision, excellence in impact, demonstrating & promoting beyond the sector
  • 'Business Enterprise Awards' - Lecturer of the year finalist, services provided for teaching students bookkeeping & accountancy
  • 'Charity Times Award' - Outstanding individual achievement 'An amazing and multi-layered and passionate contribution to both UK and EU Citizens
  • MBE (Member of the most excellent order of the British Empire) awarded by the Queen of England for assisting vulnerable Children