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Corporate Social Resposibility (CSR) 

CSR is a very important aspect of our business, our staff are equally enthusiastic, using the skill they have acquired in business have established several sustainable social enterprises using Mutual Assistance as a model. 

Mutual assistance is whereby one marginalised group assist a another to their mutual benefit


A street child project was established, whereby school furniture such as tables and chairs were produced by street children in Bhopal for distribution to flooded schools, via UNICEF.


Building on the project in India, street child workshops were established in Jinja and Kampala, producing primary school educational aids such as jigsaws, abacuses and building blocks. A conference was held inviting school officials, teachers and pupils hosted in conjunction with the Ministry of Education in order to improve the delivery of the primary school curriculum.

The street children would receive:

  • Two nutritional meals a day
  • A Salary
  • Access to medical facilities
  • Life skill classes
  • Carpentry and tailoring skills
  • Self-employed training

Upon completion, if they successfully passed their exams, they would leave with a fully equipped tool box/sewing machine and certificate.

Eastern Europe

Working with the Princes Trust, marginalised groups from the UK, all unemployed, often former substance misusers, those in or leaving care, were prepared for two weeks volunteering assisting orphans in Bulgaria or street children in Turkey; for what the young people described as a 'Life changing experience'

Often the young people had never left their own housing estate, to travel to a foreign country with differing cultures was truly quite a feat.

While on placement, the young people would

  • Attend a career seminar
  • Undertake a City and Guilds qualification
  • Acquire a vocational skill
  • Improve their soft skills

They had plenty of time to interact with the orphans or street children which reinforced how lucky they were, making them more determined to progress in life. In fact after undertaking 6 months surveys it was determined that 84% of those returning progressed into Education, employment or volunteering.

A Chinese proverb was adopted 'It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness'

The projects were so sucessful our CEO was awarded by the Charity Times, outstanding Individual achievement, whereby the project was described as an 'Amazing and multi-layered passionate contribution to both UK and EU citizens'

Also, he received an MBE from the queen of England for his work with vulnerable children

Please refer to the following website for further information www.mutualassistance.eu