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Welcome to AAS Investments & Consultancy Ltd

AAS Investments and Consultancy Ltd has been established since the late 1990’s, during this time the company has nurtured a diverse property portfolio including flats, offices, restaurants, shops and houses. Properties are located through out the South West and Wales.

The reasons for investing in UK is that the investment is safe, while the market trend is continuously upward. Other reasons include:

  • The population is growing and affluent
  • The UK has one of the largest economies
  • Average property prices have risen in excess of 6% pa since the yearly 80’s
  • There is currently a shortage of properties, demand is outstripping supply

There are two main types of income stream:

  • Capital growth, how much the asset appreciates over a given period
  • Rental income.

A good ROI is about 10% while a very good ROI is above 12%. Regardless if you look at the financial aspect in isolation the opportunity cost compared with earning interest is considerable.

A further aspect that has helped the buoyant market are very good interest rates, although the rules are becoming quite stringent, interest rates have remained low for several years. Furthermore, there are very good 2- and 5-year fixed rates. As an example, in the late 70’s the Bank of England Base rate war 17%. Since 2009 the rate has been 0.5% dipping to 0.25% in 2016 and rising in 2018 to 0.75%

Hence, with the low interest rates, higher ROI, combined with the duel income aspect, as demand is outstripping supply, and looks continue to do so, investing in property represent a prudent choice.

The gearing ratio is also very important for log term stability. The gearing ratio is a measure of financial leverage that indicates the degree to which a firm's operations are funded by equity versus creditor. The gearing ratio of AAS Investments and Consultancy Ltd is currently 6.7% which is not only remarkably low but provided confidence and sustainability for the future.